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DYC Members Feast On New England Clam Chowder As New York Giants Feast On New England Offensive Line


Super Bowl Sunday was celebrated by fun loving members and guests, when the Giants, a wild card team throughout the finals, outplayed the season-perfect Patriots and won Super Bowl XLII.  This is only the second occurrence in 42 years.  What a feat!!

Most of our members were rooting for NY, so call this a demonstration of the discernment of the attendees.

Good food and good cheer in abundance was the norm.  Our members seemed to be in competition to bring out the tastiest and best in munchies as well as hardy food.

I was pleased to set up our function and was pleasantly rewarded by the response and attendance.  A compliment was received that I had set up a good party.  My reply was that the party was directly dependant on the people that attend.  We had the fun bunch in attendance super bowl Sunday and as is often repeated you have to play to win.  Thanks to all who played and provided.

Joe Lukaesko



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